CAP Member Resources

Cadet Resources

New Cadet Resource page - All you need to know - CAP National website

eServices - Test and Training Portal - 

Cadet Library - Publications and Resources -

Audio Training - Leadership and Aerospace Audio - CAP National website

CAP VA 60-100 - Promotion Tracking Chart - CAP National website

National Cadet Special Activities (NCSAs) - CAP National website

Parents Resources

Parents Guide to CAP and the Cadet Program - CAP National website

Parents email signup - through Washington Wing IT services - WAWG website

WA Wing email signup (to assist with new cadet account signup) - WAWG website

Local (squadron) activity calendar - Lewis County CAP website

Wing (state level) activity calendar - WAWG website

Senior Resources

eServices - Test and Training Portal -

WAWG IT Services - Email account setup - WAWG website

WA Wing forms and publications - WA website

National forms, manuals, and publications - CAP National website

Adult Leader / Cadet Program Officer resources - CAP National website