Aerospace Education

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

There are several options for cadets to explore.


The squadron can request several telescopes and a fun curriculum for exploring the "space" in aerospace!

Flight Simulator

Complete with the steering yoke and the rudder pedals! This curriculum also includes maps and charts for the complete pilot simulating experience.

Model and Remote Controlled Aircraft

Build and fly a variety of remote controlled airplanes, from small hand-powered ones to large planes with the controllers. There is also a free cadet membership to the Academy of Model Aeronautics included in this toolkit!


Lewis County Squadron is one of the WA Wing leaders in robotics. We have conducted a couple of robotics training weekends with more coming up in the future. This toolkit allows cadets to explore robot arms and control of industrial types of robots. Visit our Robotics resources page, with links to exciting activities for your squadron.

Model Rocketry

Launch a rocket to space! This kit includes enough to complete the second phase of the three-part rocketry program, with a silver badge as an award at the end!

Aerospace Education

Lewis County Composite Squadron performs a variety of aerospace activities.  From classroom lectures to model rocketry to actual flights, we work to advance cadets' knowledge and experience of aerospace.  Starting with the basics and gradually building up, cadets will learn about aerospace operations and what affects them.  They will learn concepts that are necessary to actually appreciate later training, and to understand what they are later taught.  

We also aim to clarify and strengthen concepts learned in lessons and to add experience to this knowledge.  In order to accomplish this, cadets can participate in hands-on training, air-fairs, fly-ins, and many other aerospace events and activities. 

Five instructional glider and five instructional powered flights combine to provide a cadet with ten free flights.  These flights include pre-flight and post-flight briefings with training from certified pilots, while the cadet is both in the air and on the ground.  

Training that will count toward a pilot's license will cost significantly less than traditional rates when conducted through CAP.  Almost all of Lewis County Composite Squadron's orientation flights happen exclusively at Chehalis Airport, but there are many more Civil Air Patrol flying opportunities elsewhere.  Civil Air Patrol teaches cadets applicable skills, provides them with opportunities to be immersed in the aerospace community, and provides free and inexpensive training.