Adult (Senior) Program

A volunteer community where you can achieve great things!

Joining CAP as a senior member is far more than simply helping to supervise at weekly meetings. When joining, each member is assigned a specialty track that aligns with your own personal interests, working with an experienced member to progress in rank and skill while becoming a supporting pillar of the squadron. Although the cadet program is one of the main missions of CAP, without senior members, the program wouldn't succeed.

Here are a few of the available specialty tracks for senior members:

Through each specialty track, training levels and certifications provide a framework for promotions from the rank of 2d Lt through Colonel.

Senior members, often parents, pilots, and former cadets and military members, are encouraged to attend activities at the local unit and state levels to mentor cadets and work alongside them to build trust and teamwork. 

Parents who wish to assist with activities but do not wish to commit to specialty track progression may join as a sponsor member

For more details about the senior program, please contact the Lewis County Squadron Deputy Commander for Seniors, Maj Dan Whalen:

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) for those considering membership can be found on the CAP National website.