Basic Marksmanship Education

Basic Marksmanship Education Information

 This event is a Lewis County Composite Squadron fundraiser and will be held at the Centralia Rifle Club by the Lewis County Composite Squadron PCR-WA-110 

This is an official NRA Junior Division program that allows cadets to fire and qualify with .22 caliber rifles. 

 Talk to your fellow cadets that wear the NRA badge on their Dress Blues and ask how much fun they had.  It is a great weekend.

 Typical Event Schedule Overview, Subject to change…

·       Friday Arrival for Cadets begins between 5:30 PM and  6:30 PM. The Cadets will be staying at the Centralia First Christian Church, 1215 West Main St Centralia WA – Sign in will take place here as well.

·       The NRA led class will start at 7 PM and is a comprehensive lesson in firearms, how they work, how to handle firearms safely and how to identify different firearms, ammunition and the types of actions on each firearm.

·       Friday the Cadets will have a light meal, finish their class and have some time to get acquainted with their fellow cadets, Cadet Staff and Senior members.

        They then head for bed.

·       Saturday will be a long day with the Cadets up early, and after breakfast, they are off to the Centralia Rifle Club and spend the day shooting on the range.

·       After a long day of shooting the cadets will have the opportunity to swim at the pool located next door to the Centralia Rifle Club. Bring a Modest Swim Suit and Towel!

·       Saturday evening the cadets will have activities and the New Shooters will take an NRA test of their knowledge.

·       Sunday the Cadets are up early, pack all their gear and head to the range after breakfast and cleaning up the Church.

        At the Range, the cadets will have character development class and then shoot until about noon, and then go to lunch. 

·       After lunch the cadets will participate in a graduation ceremony at around 3:00 PM. Parents should arrive at 2:30 PM for the graduation/awards ceremony.

 Cadets will be released from the range after the ceremony.

BME Project Officer

Zack Bell, 2dLt CAP

Lewis County Composite Squadron