Joining Civil Air Patrol

Youth Members

Cadets, from ages 12 to 18, are welcome to join CAP. Once joining, cadets are eligible to retain their membership until age 21, at which point they transition to the adult, or senior member ranks.

In addition to advancing leadership and teamwork skills by diligently attending weekly meetings, the CAP cadet program offers exciting events that grow and challenge members, from local marksmanship education, to national special activities with themes like emergency services and robotics, to the international cadet exchange (IACE) program.

To learn more about the requirements and details for joining the cadet ranks of CAP, visit our youth members page and contact us today to learn more!

Adult Members

Adult members, usually parents and former cadets or military members, join the senior member ranks to assist with running the squadron and mentoring the cadets in their journey through the cadet program.

Adults can join as senior members with a progressive rank structure and duty assignments, or as a sponsor member to act as chaperones and mentors without formal duty requirements. Some current and former military members may be eligible to join as a non-commissioned officer (NCO).

To learn more about the senior program requirements and duty assignment tracks, please visit our adult members page and contact us today to learn more!

We welcome you to join us and see if Civil Air Patrol is right for you!

Lewis County Squadron meets weekly 

Every Tuesday from 6:00 to 8:30 pm

First Christian Church - 1215 W Main St in Centralia