Basic Cadet School

The Lewis County Basic Cadet Training School (BCTS)

To Be Announced

Boistfort Grange, 995 Boistfort Rd, Curtis WA 98538

Check in time: TBA (arrive in ABUs)

Check out time: TBA

Parents - Graduation ceremony begins on Sunday at 10:15 followed by refreshments - your attendance is highly encouraged!

BCTS is a school that centers around teaching cadets the basics of cadet life. During the weeks leading up to this weekend, you have already learned a lot of the basic material presented in the first chapter of the leadership manual. You can expect the weekend to include some of everything - aerospace, emergency services, road marching, night operations, fitness training, communications, leadership, teamwork reaction courses, and a huge variety of other subjects!

The teamwork and leadership reaction courses teach cadets how to work together with friends they have only known for a very short time. They always involve quick thinking, reacting to change and a willingness to trust your team members to make good decisions.

Drill and ceremonies is also a major part of the training. To fall into a proper formation, cadets must learn how to space themselves correctly and provide enough room for turning and marching. 

These cadets are practicing dress and drill maneuvers that are performed whenever a flight is formed.

No matter whether you are brand-new or an experienced cadet, you are guaranteed to learn new skills at the basic cadet training weekend while having a great time!

The newly promoted Cadet Airmen, after being pinned for their 

first stripe - the Gen John F. Curry Achievement

Cadets using decision making, teamwork and leadership skills to solve a challenging night operation mission.

Here are the forms you will need to fill out and bring with you to this activity as well as to most other Washington Wing and squadron events.

WAWG Form 23 Activity Application

CAP Form 160 Health History

CAP Form 161 Emergency Contact

CAP Form 163 Parental Permission

BCTS Packing List

The cost for the BCTS is $20 to cover food and other related activity costs (supplies, etc)

Please apply for scholarships from your squadron!!

Register for BCTS here: